Body of Science aims to deliver evidence based nutrition, training, and coaching services that ensures optimal and sustained results for all our clients. We also provide educational content, science communication and services that delivers solidifying development for all professionals that we deal with.


Benjamin R. Holmes

Founder, Coach & Nutritionist

Benjamin R. Holmes is the founder of Body of Science. He studied a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Human Health, which afforded him the accreditation of registered associate nutritionist (ANutr) with the Association of Nutrition (AfN). Which is the only register of qualified nutritionists that is recognised by Public Health England. He values evidence based practice and has a massive interest in science and research. Currently he is studying his Master of Science degree in Bioinformatics at Queen Mary University of London to broaden his scientific and analytical skills for research but also to provide technological services that support his nutritional consultancy and the services provided by Body of Science.