Meal Plans

The meal plans that are created by PBPN are 100% unique to you, they are not pre-made documents that get sent out as soon as you make your purchase. Every client is treated differently, and their individual preferences and nutritional needs are taken into account. We take immense pride in the level detail and time that is spent to construct each plan. Catering to all eating habits and limitations that are expressed by our clients is paramount. If you want a vegan, keto or classic bodybuilding style diet plan we have the expertise and flexibility to fit the plan to YOUR way of eating.

1 Day Meal plan – This is our basic package and it is one full days’ worth of food. It contains supplement and hydration recommendations.

2 Day Meal plan – This is our most popular package, it contains two full days’ worth of food with supplement and hydration recommendations. Its most suited for people who train at the gym with resistance training as you can use it to cycle calories around your workouts.

3 Day Meal plan – This package is for people who prefer more variety in their diet. Includes supplement and hydration recommendations. 

Elimination Diet Plan - This is a more extensive version of the previous plan. Its used to identify specific foods that may be giving you digestive issues, allergies or flaring up any auto immunity problems. It consists of a 30-day elimination period (where we remove any suspect foods) and then a reintroduction period (where you reintroduce each food one by one) so you can identify the problem foods that are personal to you and then with that information we can construct you a meal plan that really works for you and your body.

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