The Fitness Professional Partnership

The Fitness Professional Partnership is a unique opportunity that is available to personal trainers and fitness professionals alike. Body of Science would like to offer the nutrition and training services they provide to this community at a reduced rate and for fitness professionals that are not currently confident in formulating nutrition or training plans for their clients.

The Fitness Professional Partnership includes:

  • A reduced rate on all of our nutrition and training plans
  • An option for the fitness professional to add their own commission to the plans we create for them. Make money whilst providing your clients with a plan that supplements your own services in achieving their goal.
  • We can provide the option to insert your own branding into the plans we create for your client, making sure your own brand is recognised. (We can also design a logo for you if required for minimal cost)

This partnership isn't a one stop service where you will be interlinked with us for your entire professional career. This partnership gives you the ability to learn how to create your very own nutrition and training plans to a very high standard, by just witnessing the plans we provide coupled with the clients information you provide, you will start to understand the rationale behind the whys and hows that go into creating a successful plan. There is also scope in the future to provide training services that are specific to fitness professionals for nutrition, training and online coaching.

We do require that you provide proof of personal training certification and that you are currently a practicing fitness professional. 

Please CONTACT US for more information on becoming a Fitness Professional Partner