Workout Programmes

4 Week Basic Workout Programme

A basic workout programme catered to strength, hypertrophy or sports performance based goals that is completely personalised to how you would like to train. Periodised over a 4 week block to fit around any training split. We understand and keep up to date with all the latest literature in training and strength and conditioning, we apply the methodologies that have been proven to get results as fast and as safely as possible.

12 Week Multi-Phased Hypertrophy Programme

This is a multiphased periodised workout programme over 12 weeks that is focused around optimising muscle hypertrophy. The programme is customised to exactly your needs and preferences and its based on the MPH model which is an eBook that is being written currently and will be coming soon. It will be explaining the how and why that goes into constructing workout programmes that fit to the MPH model. So this product is a great opportunity to gain access to something that isnt even available yet. 

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